ravi blue2Cleaning Before Conformal Coating Case Studies - A Live Question & Answer Session with Specialty Coating Systems and Sr. Application Engineer, Ravi Parthasarathy

September 28, 2023, 2:00 PM EST

Join ZESTRON Academy's Sr. Process Engineer, Ravi Parthasarathy, and Specialty Coating Systems' Global Electronics & Automotive Market Segment Manager, Brent Frizzell, for an informative discussion on the criticality of cleaning PCBs prior to conformal coating. We will discuss and answer questions regarding the benefits of cleaning PCBs, the deleterious effects of coating over residues, cleanliness assessment methods used before conformal coating, and the test methods used to assess reliability afterward. Specialty Coating Systems, the Conformal Coating Experts, will share and discuss process recommendations to ensure your products perform as expected over the long term. Are you considering implementing a coating process? Do you have questions on coating-related failures? Join us for the 30-minute question and answer session following the short technical presentation.


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