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Advancements in Solder Paste Printing: Cleaning Compatibility of Jettable and Screen-Printable Solder Pastes in Advanced Electronic Assemblies

May 16, 2024, 2:00 PM EDT

Join ZESTRON Academy’s Kalyan Nukala, along with Evan Griffith of Indium Corporation, while they dive into the widespread adoption of solder paste jetting in the context of miniaturization and intricate electronic assemblies. The webinar will critically analyze the cleaning compatibility between jettable and screen-printable solder pastes, encompassing formulations, reflow, and cleaning characteristics. The study incorporates four solder pastes, employing different cleaning chemistries and adhering to IPC standards for visual inspection, ion chromatography, and SIR testing. Attendees will gain insights into the best and worst-case cleaning scenarios, unveiling key findings for optimal process efficiency. 

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