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Unveiling Defluxing Strategies for High-Density Advanced Packaging with Ultra-Fine Pitch Die on CoWs

July 18, 2024, 2:00 PM EDT

Join Sr. Applications Engineer Ravi Parthasarathy for a webinar on heterogeneous integration in semiconductor technology. Learn about the transition from Chip on Substrate (CoS) to Chip on Wafer (CoW) technology, which integrates chips onto an interposer with wafer-level molding and flip chip (FC) substrate connection.

Ravi will discuss his research presented at IMAPS Device Packaging Conference 2024, focusing on ultra-fine pitch CoW devices with bump pitches under 25μm and over 150K bump counts. Discover the efficacy of low-concentration alkaline cleaning agents compared to de-ionized water inline systems. Learn about the impact of wash temperatures and conveyor belt speed on cleaning effectiveness through visual inspection, FTIR analysis, and SEM/EDX testing.

Don't miss this webinar for insights into heterogeneous integration and advanced cleaning techniques in semiconductor technology.

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