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2022 Accelerating Continuous Improvement with Next Generation pH Neutral Cleaning Products - SMTAI 2020.pdf

Accelerating continuous improvement with next generation ph neutral cleaning products

Electronic assembly defluxing is a critical process step particularly for those manufacturing IPC Class III electronics.

A key component of the cleaning process is the use of aqueous-based engineered cleaning solutions. Today, most commercially available cleaning agents are inhibited to protect sensitive components and formulated using either pH alkaline or pH Neutral basis on which the remainder of the formulation is designed. Once optimized, these cleaning agents effectively remove post solder residues from around and underneath all of the components thereby ensuring the manufacturer that their assemblies can meet the desired reliability requirements.

Electronic assemblies continue to grow more complex in terms of component design, board density, reduced standoff heights, and increased use of specialized but more sensitive material sets. Different market sectors may have unique materials that need to be considered when developing and/or selecting a chemistry for the cleaning process. Moreover, with the advancements in component technology and increased demand for smaller, denser connections and as those connections migrate inside the package, the conventional line between packaging and assembly has blurred. These advances continually challenge the cleaning process.

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