ZESTRON Academy Customized Training

Would you like training that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of your process and enhance the knowledge of your staff? Our expert application engineers will develop a customized VIRTUAL or IN-PERSON training program based on a course content schedule of your choosing.

        • Customized Training Programs are offered through our Application Engineering staff with experience comprising more than 50 years
        • Topics range from basic to advanced, we tailor our training to meet your requirements
        • Trainings and topics are designed to meet the requirements of your process and enhance the knowledge of your staff
        • Training group size options can range from an individual to small groups
        • Virtual training is offered to maximize your schedule at a time convenient for you


Step 1


Choose the course schedule that you’d like us to customize for your process!


Should You Clean PCBs?

This will explore the benefits of fully cleaning PCBs and how potential sources of board failure such as electrochemical migration, leakage currents, and white residues can be mitigated.

Cleaning For Reliability

This will cover various failure mechanisms including the challenges associated with improper cleaning, board complexity, material mix, component and package types used. We will discuss ways to reduce the risk of failure and improve the long-term reliability.

Cleaning Before Conformal Coating

We will examine how coating over residues can result in product failures and share expert process recommendations so that you can prevent it from happening to you.

img_src_pcb_cleaner.jpeg_alt_pcb_being_cleaned_in_chemistry_agent-min (00000)

Surface Cleanliness Assessment

This is a comprehensive examination of the tools and methods available to properly assess the cleanliness of assemblies after the cleaning process.

Equipment Options for Cleaning Process Solutions

This will address the different types of cleaning media and typical agitation systems used in cleaning post solder assemblies.

Concentration Management Solutions

This focuses on advanced process control methodology while using comparative tests and field data confirming the reliability of this advanced process control methodology as compared to current methods.



thermal cycle

Solder Mask & Low Stand-Off Component Cleaning

We will explore the impact of different solder mask options on under component cleanliness. This will cover a myriad of key takeaways and findings from this newly completed study.

Jet Printing Solder Paste & Cleaning Challenges 

We address the reasons for and increased cleaning challenges associated with jet printing through the examination comparative cleaning trial data and customer case study reviews.

Multiple Thermal Cycles

We will examine the impact of multiple thermal cycles on the effectiveness of the PCB cleaning process.



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Cleaning With pH Neutral Chemistry

We will address pH neutral cleaning agent development coupled with performance reviews of pH neutral cleaning agents.

Di-water vs. Chemistry

We will address cleaning agent and process alternatives to pure DI-water that result in optimal cleanliness levels and guarantee that assemblies will perform as designed.

Stencil, Underside Wipe and Misprint Cleaning

This will focus on process issues related to paste and adhesive contaminated stencils, stencil cleaning technology as well as implications of cleaning nano-coated stencils. Misprint cleaning and principles of the underside wipe process will also be addressed.

Copper Pillars

Defluxing Advanced Packages

With increasing packaging density and the introduction of new materials, join us as we discuss overcoming present day challenges from Class III Assemblies.

LED Cleaning and Reliability

We will review LED failure mechanisms such as corrosion, electrochemical migration and signal leakage while discussing customer case studies addressing LED cleaning applications.

POP-Package on Package or Copper Pillar Defluxing

We will examine case studies and cleaning processes for package on package / copper pillar defluxing.



Step 2

Choose the type of training session that works for you - Virtual or In-Person!


Virtual Session

1-5 participants

Up to 3-hour training block, 1 day period

Choose 1 course grouping for this option

Training conducted via Go-To-Webinar includes:

    • Pre-meeting agenda to participants
    • Session recording sent to all participants after the training
    • Access to presenter support moving forward

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Virtual Bootcamp

1-5 participants

Up to 5-hour training session, split over two days

Choose 2 course schedules for this option

Training conducted via Go-To-Webinar

Choose from 2 topics customized to your process and situation, 1 per day includes:

    • Pre-meeting agenda to participants
    • Session recording sent to all participants after the training
    • Access to engineer support moving forward


Onsite Session, Manassas VA

1-5 participants

Hands-on interactive training in the technical center

Choose 1 course grouping plus hands-on time

Training conducted via Go-To-Webinar

4-6 hour training session, plus one-hour lunch includes:

    • Lunch provided
    • Pre-meeting agenda to participants
    • Presentation sent to all participants after the training
    • Access to engineer support moving forward


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