ravi blue2Enhancing Yield and Reliability of Ultra-Fine Pitch Die through Defluxing on CoWs

July 20, 2023, 2:00 PM EST

Defluxing ultra-fine pitch die on chip-on-wafer (CoW) packages is a critical step in the manufacturing process of microelectronics. However, defluxing these ultra-fine pitch die interconnects presents a unique challenge due to their small size and close proximity to one another.

Ravi Parthasarathy, Senior Application Engineer at ZESTRON Americas, will be presenting a continuation of an earlier copper pillar study focusing on the defluxing process for ultra-fine pitch die on chip-on-wafer (CoW) packages. Specifically, the study will investigate the appropriate cleaning solution and process parameters such as temperature, concentration, and cleaning time, required to effectively remove the flux residues without damaging the delicate interconnects on CoW packages with a 10µm bump pitch and 10µm gap height between a top die and bottom silicon wafer. The results of this study will provide valuable insights into the defluxing process, enabling the production of high-quality microelectronics with improved reliability and performance.


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