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This joint presentation by ZESTRON and Specialty Coating Systems aims to highlight the crucial role of PCB cleaning prior to conformal coating. It covers various aspects of PCB cleaning and coating, including the benefits of cleaning PCBs, the detrimental effects of coating over residues, and the methods used for assessing cleanliness before conformal coating. As the coating experts, Specialty Coating Systems will share process recommendations, including the advantages, unique properties, and characteristics of various types of coatings. Attendees will also gain knowledge about test methods for evaluating PCB reliability after conformal coating, along with recommended processes to optimize long-term product functionality.

Ultimately, this presentation provides a valuable opportunity for attendees to enhance their understanding of the importance of cleaning PCBs before conformal coating, how to improve their PCB cleaning practices, and insight into various coating options. The recommendations shared by ZESTRON and Specialty Coating Systems, supported by relevant case studies, offer valuable insights into the impact of cleaning PCBs on product performance and reliability.

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