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Meeting Today’s Challenge for Low VOC Defluxing Agents for Electronics Manufacturing

Given the world in which we live today, corporate environmental sensitivity is critical to the Stakeholders and for many, grounded in ISO 14001.

Corporate accountability has thus set the stage for an industrial shift towards more environmentally friendly and worker-safe processes, both in-house for companies and in their supply chain.

With regard to electronics assembly, a key part of any environmental plan is reducing, if not eliminating, VOC emissions. Sadly though, when it comes to the topic of VOC and defining what should be counted as a VOC, a uniform standard has not been adopted by all governments and localities. So VOC emissions is not an exact science but instead a politically defined restriction based on locality. The topic of VOC is compounded even further when one considers that the methodology for VOC calculation and what is considered VOC exempt also changes based on region.

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