VIGON®®️ SC 200 Stencil Cleaner Wipes

A powerful combination of low lint wiping material and effective stencil chemistry


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Polyester Non-woven Wipes designed for manual removal of solder pastes and adhesives in electronic assembly manufacturing

VIGON® SC 200 Stencil Cleaner Wipes are designed to manually remove solder pastes and adhesives in electronic assembly manufacturing. Due to the water-based chemistry formulation, they provide exceptional cleanliness while ensuring operator safety. The polyester non-woven wipes offer excellent wet strength, reduce staining and lint left behind on your stencil as well as increase cleaning protocol consistency. Compatible with nano-coated stencils, they are an ideal replacement for alcohol-based cleaners and are recommended for use in both manual and prior to automatic cleaning processes.

Advantages compared to other pre-saturated wipes:

  • Exceptional cleanliness
  • Smooth and durable with excellent wet strength
  • Non-shedding and low linting
  • Compatible with Nano-coated stencils
  • Safe replacement for alcohol-based cleaners
  • No visible staining to stencil
  • Increases cleaning protocol consistency
  • RoHS I, II, and III, WEEE and REACH SVHC compliant
  • Extended wipe use

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