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VIGON® NX 700 has the lowest VOC of any water-based

defluxing agent on the market todayComp 6 (00000)_1

VOC levels below the latest SCAQMD and OTC regulationsComp 6 (00000)_1

Meet your environmental and IS0 14001 goals NOW


vigon nx 700


VIGON® NX 700 is a water-based, pH neutral cleaning agent specifically developed for the use in spray-in-air inline and batch equipment. It removes a broad range of electronic assembly flux residues with an exceptional ability to penetrate and clean under low standoff components.

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Cleaning Performance

Wide process parameter window while targeting low-standoff components.


pH Neutral

Excellent material compatibility with sensitive materials, coatings and labels.


Process Efficiency

Performs well at low application concentrations in specific processes.



Exceptionally low VOC meeting latest SCAQMD and OTC regulations.