2022 Cleaning Webinar Series

SMT, THT, and semiconductor learning opportunities

ZESTRON Academy is pleased to invite production operators, managers and process engineers to participate in our FREE Cleaning Webinar Series. All webinars begin at 11:00 AM EDT, with a 45 minute presentation and 15 minute Q&A. If there is a specific cleaning topic you are interested in, please visit our customized training page. 


Why Cleaning is Critical Before Conformal Coating MARCH 22nd

Join ZESTRON Academy for an informative discussion on the importance of cleaning PCBs in today’s production environments, focusing on cleaning before conformal coating. We will examine: the methods and benefits of fully cleaning PCBs, how coating over residues can result in product failures, cleanliness assessment methods used before conformal coating as well as the test methods used to assess their reliability afterward, and share expert process recommendations to ensure that your products perform as expected over the long-term.

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Defluxing of Copper Pillar Bumped Flip-Chips April 26th

Flip-chip technology has become increasingly prevalent within the electronics industry due to its lower cost, increased package density, improved performance while maintaining or improving circuit reliability, and increased I/O density. Join ZESTRON Academy to review a recently presented study that involved using straight DI-water and novel low-concentration alkaline cleaning agent on copper pillar bumped flip-chips and the challenges of effectively cleaning flux residues from under these components.

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DI-water vs Chemistry MAY 24TH

Join ZESTRON Academy for an in-depth look at the cleaning agent technologies and process alternatives to pure DI-water. In today’s PCB manufacturing environment, increased densities, reduced component sizes, low standoff heights, and a large variety of component packages combine to limit the effectiveness of cleaning with DI-water. Join us as we discuss key performance indicators including, cleanliness, material compatibility, power requirements, DI-water usage, and environmental impacts of using DI-water vs. chemistry.

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Multiple Thermal Cycles June 21st

Today, multiple thermal cycles may be required for a variety of reasons in the production of printed circuit boards. This can include the presence of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT), stacked components and double-sided circuitry. With the potential for multiple reflows, it is more important than ever to have a cleaning process that is optimized for it. Please join ZESTRON Academy as we thoroughly examine the impact of multiple thermal cycles on the effectiveness of the PCB cleaning process.

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Surface Cleanliness Assessment July 26TH

Have you ever wondered “How clean is clean? If you’re seeking the answer, then you won’t want to miss this important webinar. Impurities often left on a board’s surface or underneath components may lead to field failures. The cleaning experts at ZESTRON Academy will conduct an in-depth review of the standardized and non-standardized test methods available to properly assess the cleanliness of assemblies after the cleaning process.

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Stencil, Underside Wipe and Misprint Cleaning Aug 23rd

Attend ZESTRON Academy’s webinar for an in-depth review of the process-related issues to paste and adhesive contaminated stencils, stencil cleaning technologies as well as implications of cleaning nano-coated stencils. Our Cleaning Experts will explore the principles of the underside wipe process and review the topic of misprinted board cleaning in today’s production environment.

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Overcoming Challenges for Class III Assemblies SEPT 20th

Functionality and long-term reliability is critical when designing high-reliability electronic assemblies. During this webinar, we will provide a detailed overview of the various failure mechanisms including the challenges associated with improper cleaning, board complexity, material mix, component, and the package types used. Join us as we walk thru an in-depth case study that will detail the necessary steps involved in reducing the risk of failures while improving long-term reliability.

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Solder Mask and Low Stand-off Component Cleaning OCT 18TH

Please join ZESTRON Academy in exploring the impact of different solder mask options on under-component cleanliness. The solder mask is necessary for the long-term reliability of PCBs, but can its presence also impact cleaning process effectiveness? Our cleaning experts will examine the latest findings and key takeaways from this recently prepared and presented study during this webinar.

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Jet Printing and Cleaning Challenges NOV. 15TH

Today’s production environments are overcoming printing challenges by incorporating jet printing as an additional add-on step to add extra solder paste volume when needed. Typically, jet printing pastes use Type 5 and 6 solder powder compared to type 3 and 4. As cleaning remains critical to long-term reliability, jet solder pastes have proven more difficult to clean. Join ZESTRON Academy to explore the reasons behind the increased cleaning challenges with comparative cleaning trial data and customer case studies.

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