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With thousands of electronic cleaning processes installed worldwide and an experienced team of application engineers located throughout the world, ZESTRON is uniquely positioned to offer you the technical expertise required to assess your precision cleaning requirements. You'll also receive a detailed Technical Report with cleanliness assessment analysis and any process recommendations with our services.




SIR (Surface Insulation Resistance)

SIR is a technique used to understand the impact of flux residues on the electrical reliability of a device and is an effective predictor of long-term failure mechanisms and service life reliability.

  • Testing is conducted in accordance with IPC-TM-650, method utilizing the IPC B-52 test assembly.
  • Ideal for process qualification, process verifications, development of a new process, or improving a current process.




ftir wide banner 3

FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy)

Advanced spectroscopy techniques allow our analytical team to map the locations of contaminants on the board surface and identify weak points in the cleaning process.

  • Method for qualitative and (semi-)quantitative analysis of organic residues on surfaces
  • Analysis of areas ≥ 5 x 5 µm
  • Identification of chemical structures of contaminants, residues, films, particles etc.





Syed C3

"Localized" Ion Chromatography

Targets critical areas of concern (0.1 in2) on the board surface to assess cleanliness levels and quantify ionic residues.

  • Measures cleanliness of a localized region of a circuit board
  • Provides a simple “Clean”/”Dirty” result by analyzing current leakage from a solution used to extract board contamination







Derrick IC #2 (00000)-min

"Full" Board Ion Chromatography

The most used test method in the electronics industry quantitatively identifies and measures ionic species present on boards that could lead to in-field failures.

  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of Anions, Cations, Weak Organic Acids (WOA) (in particular activators)
  • Detection limit: 0.0001 µg/in²
  • Compliance with standards requirements
  • Assessment of contamination impact on the cause of failure





Thien Ionic Contamination Machine

Ionic Contamination

Ionic Contamination measures average ionic residues over the entire surface area of an assembly and used to check or establish process control.

  • Extractive, quantitative determination of total ionic contamination in the range of 0.01 - 30 µg/cm²
  • According to IPC-TM650 2.3.25
  • Comparison of cleanliness level and/or production monitoring to supplement technical cleanliness





PCB Board Cleaning CU 2.0

Contract Cleaning

Our world-class engineers can utilize our State-of-the-Art cleaning equipment to meet your short term PCB cleaning requirements such as cleanliness assessment or to meet a qualification requirement.

  • Qualify a new cleaning process on the latest inline and batch cleaning machines
  • One-time request or ongoing cleaning contracts
  • Capacity for small or medium volume applications




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