ravi blue2Enhancing Performance of Copper Pillar Interconnects Through Defluxing

June 15, 2023, 2:00 PM EST

Copper pillar bumping is a popular method used to create interconnects on flip chips, wherein copper pillars are used instead of traditional solder bumps. During the bumping process, a layer of flux is coated on the surface of the copper pillars to promote the wetting and bonding of the pillars to the substrate.

Ravi Parthasarathy, Senior Application Engineer at ZESTRON Americas, will be presenting this topic, focusing specifically on the effectiveness of pure DI-water and comparing its cleaning performance to novel low-concentration cleaning agent in removing these flux residues from 150µm bump pitch and 30µm Cu pillar height. Ravi will provide an in-depth analysis of the comparative assessment performed utilizing several analytical/functional test methodologies based on the latest IPC and JEDEC standards


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